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..More fun, More bond


The family setting was created to foster bonding, togetherness and love. But the bonding among family members is fast disappearing because of the hectic work life of parents and indeed the entire household. Children are now left at the mercy of house helps and hired servants thereby causing disintegration in the family, which ultimately leads to divorce.

More fun, More Bond when “Family Tango”

The Idea

Family Tango is an entertainment Reality TV show primarily meant to promote family bonding. The focus is on the interaction of three constant figures in the family : Father Mother Children Its a unique ensemble crafted for the family, aimed at showcasing an ecstatic experience of joy, hearty laughter, uncommon display of talents, revelation of inner desires etc

The show aims to :
Foster bonding between family members.
Give couples/parents & children a chance to re-discover the missing link in their relationship with the entire family.
Give couples opportunity to ease off tension and to work out any differences
Celebrate family bonding and love.
Re-kindle the flame of love in marriages.
Reward families.
Provide content for family entertainment on TV.
Support the less privileged.

The Concept

Camp 7 families in an enclosed setting for 21 days
No communication whatsoever with the external environment.
No phones, tablets, laptops etc
Regular Tasks Presentations
Weekly eviction Shows
Audience Voting

The Contest

There will be a Nationwide selections and screenings
7 families will be selected to battle for the ultimate prize (as will be determined by the organizers).
Contestants to be camped in “Tango quarters” for 13 weeks.
Tasks will be given and the families will be judged based on the points gathered all through the tasks.
Tasks will be woven around family bonding ,cleanliness, budgeting, table manners, general conduct etc. (The scope and method of judging will be determined by the organizers)
Families can also loose points

The days event will end in the �Re-union room�.
The Re-union room is where the in house judges meet with the families to access the day�s activities, show score sheet, reprimand offenders and give special gift to the best family or individual for the day�s task.
There will be an eviction show every Sunday night to send home at least one family that fails to meet up with the required aggregate points for the week
The family with the highest points will win the grand prize at the end of the season.

Other Components

Talent Discovery Weekly evening/eviction shows will also give the families the opportunity to display their special talents in music, dance, singing or any other special talent. Interview Contesting families will also be interviewed at home and backstage for programming and insert during the shows.

Star Performance

Established stars in the music and movie industry will be the surprise guests in the “Tango quarters” to interact with the families and also score them.

Audience Talent Show

Members of the audience in the weekly show will also have the opportunity to showcase their talent and win great prizes just to spice up the show.

Sneak Preview

There will also be a sneak preview into the life of the participants. The idea is to show family bonding and teach values.


Task will be given to the final 7 families that will be housed in the “Tango quarters” for 21 days. Tasks will include but not limited to the following: Cooking House keeping Family games (chess, Ludo etc) Washing and Ironing Special family sign Language Etc.

Special test

Families will also be tested on the level of tolerance they can display in the face of provocation. A parent might be told to intentionally provoke a member of the family by doing an unusual thing, then the judges will award points based on the persons reaction.


Above and below-the-line publicity for sales of forms across the country.
(a)Publicity in all major newspapers, tv stations, radio, internet, facebook, twitter for the sale or non sale of forms.
(b) Text messages will be sent to selected families for auditioning.
(c)Selected families will be assembled at a place, where a simple “bonding test” will be administered to them and see which families scores the highest point.
(d)This procedure will be adopted in all the geopolitical zones and two families will finally make it into the “Tango quarters” from each geopolitical zone and one from Abuja.
(e)A total of 13 families will enter the “Tango quarters” to battle for the ultimate prize.

Tango quarters:

“Tango quarters” will be the official name of the camp site where the show will take place and contestants will be camped. It can be a hotel with the family suites, a rented house, or a special building erected for the purpose.
All the flats or suites will be equipped with modern day household items ranging from furniture, electronics, kitchen equipments, gym etc.
Each family will occupy a flat and will have all their activities in the flat except on special occasions when they will be required to attend a special session.
Each of the family will be visited by a surprised “Married” movie or music star to share his/her experiences in family and how families can stay together.

Tango quarters:

The families will be required to submit their daily needs to the camp instructor or “Special attendant” for purchase (this will also add or remove from their points)
The special attendant collects the lists every morning and inspects the flat, scores more points and forwards the list to the judges who will either add or remove from the list using their discretion and scores the families (This is to test the families prudence and budgeting).



Judges � the in house Judges will be a married celebrity couple who have a track record of marriage stability.
Guest Judges will be chosen from any sector of the economy and must be married with children.
The Compere at the eviction show will be married a couple from the entertainment world that have been together for a while.
The quarter master / mistress will be responsible for looking out for the interest of the contestants and would also be on the panel judges every week.
The House attendant is responsible for providing the contestant all they need to be comfortable in the house (food, toiletries, groceries etc). She will also be on the panel.
The fitness instructor will always be available to take the contestants through exercises every morning.
The time keeper makes sure that all the contestants keep to the time of all the house activities and reports to the re-union room early everyday.

Benefits to Participants

Overall best �Tango Family� will win cash prize and a family holiday trip to ________
Cash prizes, household items (electronics and furnitures) will go to the others.
Audience at the live eviction show will also win house hold items, They will be randomly selected to �Tango and win� audience special.
Viewers of the edited version will have the chance to win branded family items, ticket, to next season contest and eviction shows.

Benefits to Sponsors – Intangible

(a) Competitive Edge

A unique platform that offers an opportunity to differentiate your brand from competition

(b)Wide Visibility

Due to its wide appeal, it has potential to reach millions of Nigerian, thereby providing your brand with the widest visibility possible.

(c) National prestige

As an event that has upscale, classy and clean image for strengthening families in the country, it builds national prestige for companies while also increasing the propensity of customers to get emotionally associated with your brand.

(d) Brand Association

By associating with a programme that seeks to strengthen family bond, brand stands to enjoy connecting with the consumers emotion, which in turn builds brand loyalty.

Benefits to Sponsors – Tangible

(a) Advertisement

Opportunity to air brands messages/advertisements

(b) Branding

Opportunity for venue branding, product placement, product in use. Also venue branding during pre event dinner, audition locations & camp venue.

(c )Brand Credit/Mentions

Mention in all publicity and marketing materials – handbills, posters, billboard, website, stickers, radio jingles, television commercials, sms campaign to more than 10million Africans, T-shirts, face caps, stickers, Key holders, mugs etc

Publicity Plan

Road show at strategic areas where our targets (families / will be reached, schools, churches, markets, streets etc.) Strategic partnership with key players in the media industry: TV, Radio, independent producers Using of publicity materials, gift items. Social networks, facebook, twitter and IT medium

AB Categories of families
Rich, Famous and learned families
Educated elites of the society
Young people with robust backgrounds
TV viewers, lovers of quality entertainment

Sponsorship Categories

(a) DIAMOND-Sole sponsorship (full budget)
(b) GOLD-Part sponsorship (share benefits-Half budget)
(c ) SILVER-Part sponsorship (share benefits – Quarter budget)


Budget (proposed): N250,000,000 (Two hundred and fifty million naira only) per season.

Cost Function

(a) Production
– Publicity Materials: Tvc, Radio jingles, print materials
– Tickets, tag etc
(b) Pre-event
– Publicity: outdoor, print, electronic
– Audition venues, crew fee/welfare
– Logistics
– Camp site
– Camp equipments and furnishings.
– Transport
– Website
– Coverage: video / still pictures
– Press conference / Dinner
– Miscellaneous

c) “Family Tango Proper”
– Welfare (Crew, officials, contestants)
– Crew/officials fee
– Costume / make up
– Set construction
– Sound/light/special effects
– Medicals
– Logistics
– Guest acts/judges fee
– Venue
– Prizes (star prize etc)
– Mass media publicity
– Daily highlights on TV
– Coverage -video and still pictures
– Furniture’s and electronics
– Security( Private, Police, gadgets)
– Miscellaneous
(d) Post Event (TV programme)
– Editing, 13episodes
– Airtime (TV) charge(AIT,STV,NTA networks)
– Logistics for syndication
– Miscellaneous


The possibilities inherent in the “Family Tango” TV reality show are impressive and boundless. Apart from greatly promoting Nigeria indigenous idea, drawing attention to the ingenious nature of Nigerians, it showcases the restoration of value orientation in our families. The show will celebrate families in a way it has never been before. The show most pertinently, x-rays the cause and effects of friction among family members with the view of teaching, showing and resolving values, oneness and total love in families. Surely, everyone will like to be part of this epoch making initiative.